I’ve realized I can confidently bid goodbye to layering for a while. The scorching heat and rising temperature have got me creating the simplest summer ensembles similar to what you’ll see in today’s entry. Today’s fashion story talks about style and comfort, combined.

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To be able to work with a prestige fashion designer who has been featured in numerous fashion editorials such as Elle, Glamour and Seventeen must be a dream until I don this ethereal piece from his amazing collections. Publishing today the entire set we filmed featuring this prominent designer label from New York, KAS.

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Nothing gives me more happiness than to be back to my roots again (and again) – La Union. Shot last February (better late than never), here’s a lookbook just right in time to share this hot month of April. I may sound like compensating for being MIA for the past weeks… but, fine I’m guilty! So, yeah? Let’s consider this as a congratulatory post as I’m back in the grind.

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After flooding the page with a plethora of blog sets shot in beaches and coves, here’s somewhat a break – a rustic lookbook setting featuring a limitless greenery, countless sprouts from the bough, and magical sunrays peeking through the plantation. Refreshing, I guess.

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